"Moonstar of Limbo, give me the Might, the Muscle, the Menace... of Mon*Star!"

MON*STAR - The leader of the Mob. He gets special powers when the Moonstar's light shines in. He and Commander Stargazer have a history, which is part of the reason why he hates the Silverhawks so much. For a good amount of time Mon*Star was enslaved on the prison planet, before he escaped in the premiere episode of "The Silverhawks."
YES-MAN - Mon*Star's right hand man and henchman who got to do all the work. When not hailing a cab from Seymour, Yes-Man would be going "Yesss master" and saying things like that to Mon*Star. Kind of like Nash Gorey from MASK or Waylon Smithers.

POKERFACE - He always seemed to appear at that annoying casino that was in almost every episode. He had these eyes that were like a slot machine. Even then Pokerface got on my nerves.

MOLECULAR - The coolest powers that any Silverhawks villain had. He can change into anything, which obviously makes him the Mob's master of disguise. I think you could take his action figure apart and put it back together, but I cannot remember for sure.
HARDWARE - The "guy with the big backpack" who had the great arsenal of weapons.
MELODIA - Mistress of mayhem who creates her evil sonic music. A counterpoint to Bluegrass, whose music is just plain bad. Obviously inspired by the Cyndi Lauper look of the 1980's. Kids now would probably look at her and go "Huh?"

There were MANY other Silverhawks villains which will appear soon on this page. Among them are the bull-like Mumbo Jumbo, Windhammer, and Buzz-Saw. And of course there is Seymour the taxi driver, who used to always go around saying "You know what I mean?" He really wasn't a bad guy but sometimes got stuck with driving the bad guys around.

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