The Silverhawks were assembled by Commander Stargazer when Mon*Star escaped from the prison planet. Among their ranks were several people from planet Earth - as well as a representative from the Planet of the Mimes known as the Copper Kid.

The team often flew around in an aircraft known as the Mirage. For more information on the Mirage, keep reading. Lt. Quicksilver also had a bird-like plane of his own.

They were also aided by TallyHawk, a part-bird/part-machine creature that could do scouting ahead for them and also provide defense.

Hawk Haven was the name of the place where the Silverhawks assembled. It can be seen at the top of this page. Hawk Haven is located in "Limbo," the galaxy that the Silverhawks are assigned to protect.

COMMANDER STARGAZER - Commander Stargazer had put Mon*Star away several years ago and the team was assembled after he put a distress call to Earth telling them of Mon*Star's escape. Somewhat older than the other Silverhawks, Stargazer has been meaning to return to Earth to be "refitted" for a while but never seems to get around to doing it. His office is set up like an old 1930's detective's office.

One of the best episodes of Silverhawks, titled "Flashback," involved an older Stargazer telling the story of the time the Silverhawks perished - which led the time-traveling hero known as Flashback to change the course of history.

LT. QUICKSILVER - Jonathan Quick quickly became the leader of the Silverhawks and acts in the "leaderly" kind of way that's also seen in, say, Cyclops of the X-Men or Captain America of the Avengers. Quicksilver also apparently gets the perks of such leadership. He's usually the one who gets to keep TallyHawk around, and he's also got a plane of his own so he doesn't always have to fly around with Bluegrass and listen to Bluegrass's horrible music.


STEEL WILL & STEEL HEART - Will and Emily Hart are a powerful twin brother and sister who were both recruited to be part of the Silverhawks. They also live up to their names in that they are the only Silverhawks who actually do have metal hearts. When the process was done that makes a Silverhawk a Silverhawk, the Harts' hearts rejected it initally.

THE COPPER KID - Maybe as a kid I was mistaken, but he really IS a kid isn't he? Anyway, the Copper Kid only spoke through whistles or a synthesized voice. He is the Silverhawks' representative from the Planet of the Mimes. The Copper Kid also was the one who always liked to do those little science lessons at the end of every episode. Why don't cartoons these days have to have a lesson?


BLUEGRASS - This is the guy who would most definitely win the award for "Most Irritating." He was also the only one (am I right?) who *didn't* have a pair of wings... instead he piloted the Mirage, sometimes with the help of his guitar. Despite his being so annoying, Bluegrass really meant well, and was definitely the country heart of the entire team.



THE MIRAGE - This was the Silverhawk's plane which I think was by far one of the coolest toys of the 1980's (right up there with the Terror Drome). Bluegrass was the pilot. The four other Silverhawks would launch out of their own compartments, and then if the going got REALLY rough, the front part of the plane (with Bluegrass) would launch out and become a new smaller craft, and like a "mirage," the back part would simply disappear.

Also showing up as Silverhawks later in the series run were Flashback (that Silverhawk from the future that I had mentioned) and Hotwing (Silverhawk's token in the vein of Hondo McLean). There was also a character named Condor that I've seen action figures for that I'm very curious if he was a Silverhawk or not on the cartoon. If anyone knows, e-mail me.

I'll get pictures of any of those three as soon as I can.

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